Our Favorite Coffee To Start Our Day!

Our Favorite Coffee To Start Our Day!

BULLETPROOF COFFEE  -  Benefits You'll Want To Know


Benefits of Bulletproof coffee-

*Improved metabolism

*Weight loss

*Stabilized gut health

*Increased mood & strength.

The combination of well-sourced coffee, caffeine, and all the healthy fats are a recipe for success. 

8 oz of well-sourced organic coffee
1 tsp - 2tbsp of MCT or coconut oil
1 tsp - 2tbsp of grass-fed butter (ex. we enjoy kerrygold)
Dash of cinnamon
Blend for 30 seconds and ENJOY!!


Daily life can be fast paced and full of unexpected events.  An easy and quick breakfast drink to start the day with AMAZING benefits is the best way my husband and I kickoff our mornings. Knowing the benefits,  simple ingredients, and easy to follow recipe makes this the perfect kickstart to our morning routine - try it yourself and let us how it goes for you!
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